Professional Bookkeeping Services

We are a virtual and paperless bookkeeping office, which means excellent service but without high accountancy fee’s.

It is a legal obligation that every business keeps an accurate set of accounting records.

Whether you are a start-up business, sole trader or a multi office, our expertise works together with our exceptional Xero knowledge so that you can can run your office with peace of mind that your paperwork is in good hands.

We want to make your life easier, therefore Professional Bookkeeping Services will support you and let you concentrate on running your business rather than dealing with endless paperwork.

We use Xero cloud based software and applications, this gives unlimited and real time access to accounts and paperwork at all times. Xero is an online platform that can be accessed from your Mac, PC or mobile device to get real time information. Xero isn’t stored on your computer therefore if your laptop or PC crashes all your data remains completely safe and unaffected.

Why choose Professional Bookkeeping Services?
Bookkeeping for some business owners can become a drain on their resources, in that their time is best spent elsewhere,  by outsourcing your bookkeeping you will find the time to grow and establish your business further, without losing control of the business finances.
Professional Bookkeeping Services pride themselves on their efficiency, accuracy and their ability to help businesses streamline their bookkeeping process. So much has changed in the last five years, everything now seems to live in the “cloud” including accounting software and because of this we now have clients up and down the country.
By using Xero, we have enabled ourselves to be even more efficient. more pro-active and still have the ability to be flexible when needed.

We will give you a handy utility called Receipt Bank which integrates with Xero.  It will let you keep on track with your receipts using your phone, just take a photo and hit “upload”, that’s all there is to it.

Receipt Bank – What’s so great about keeping your receipts online?

You can’t lose them once they are uploaded to Receipt Bank.
Your important receipts are safe and secure.
You can make sure you claim all the expenses that you are due.
They are easily accessed both by you and us.
Any email receipts you have can be forwarded directly to Receipt Bank.